News, Providers7 March, 2023

Overjet Partners with BOLA AI to Elevate Periodontal Care

Overjet Partners with BOLA AI to Elevate Periodontal Care

News, Providers7 March, 2023

The two best-in-class companies give dental professionals ground-breaking tools to detect periodontal disease indicators and seamlessly enter periodontal data “hands free” directly into patient records via AI.

BOSTON, MA (March 7, 2023)—Bola Technologies, Inc. (Bola AI), a leading provider of Voice-AI technology for healthcare and dental care professionals, today announced a pivotal partnership with Overjet, an industry leader in dental artificial intelligence for X-ray analysis. The collaboration will make the best in cutting-edge AI technology available to dental offices everywhere as part of a preferred pricing package. 

Bola AI’s Voice Perio system, which enables dental staff to seamlessly enter periodontal data directly into their practice management system in real time, will complement Overjet’s platform, which analyzes dental images, quantifies bone levels, detects decay and calculus, and turns X-rays into a powerful patient motivator. The partnership will not only save time for busy hygienists but also lessen the burden of clinical patient documentation for additional office staff. 

“Our partnership with Overjet will prove to be a win for both dental professionals and patients.”

Rushi Ganmukhi, CEO and founder of Bola AI

In conversations with mutual customers, we have heard about the amazing value Overjet brings, and it is our pleasure to work with them. Our combined AI technologies perfectly complement one another and will not only deliver consistently accurate results but also free dentists up to spend more time doing what they love best: serving the healthcare needs of their patients.”

“It’s a natural fit to partner with companies like Bola AI that are committed to creating innovative technology that brings instant value to providers, practices, and patients,” said Theresa Neuhauser, Overjet’s Director of Business Development and Partnerships.

In recent years, AI and deep learning have made incredible strides, with computer vision, language processing and speech recognition achieving near-human levels. Bola AI’s Voice Perio delivers speech accuracy at 99% and allows for variable accents and flexible phrasing while filtering out background noise and nonclinical speech. Bola AI offers the first clinical voice assistant for the dental market to utilize this new age of technology while providing unprecedented ease of use and accuracy.

“At Overjet, we are proud to be at the forefront of utilizing AI to transform dental care,” said Wardah Inam, CEO. “To that end, our mission directly aligns with that of Bola AI. We each provide complementary solutions that appeal to dentists for reasons of speed, accuracy and efficiency that all result in improved quality of care for patients.”

Overjet’s platform improves the patient experience by automatically annotating X-rays to bring color, visibility, transparency and quantification into clinical patient communication — enabling staff to communicate more confidently and effectively, resulting in better case acceptance. Guided by a patient-centric AI, Overjet’s FDA-cleared technology detects decay and calculus and quantifies bone level measurements on X-rays. Overjet identifies key findings that lead to better care and patient outcomes that drive business and revenues forward.

The partnership between Bola AI and Overjet elevates accuracy and efficiency throughout the patient visit, from the diagnosis to the touch-free periodontal charting, to case presentation and treatment acceptance. To learn more about the cost-savings practices can achieve when they combine these technologies, please visit or

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