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Overjet is the AI platform for dentistry. It helps you provide the best possible care and operate efficiently — from detecting oral disease with unmatched precision, to educating patients with clearly annotated images, to getting insurance claims submitted, reviewed, and approved 5X faster.

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The Future of Dental Care

AI Built For


Welcome to the new era of dentistry: Where dentists and insurers use AI to put patients first.

Clinical Analysis

Overjet AI detects oral diseases with unmatched precision, so you can give the best care.

100% of dentists detect caries more accurately

Patient Education

Overjet shows your patients what you see, so they truly understand their oral health.

25% increase in case acceptance

Claim Automation

Overjet ensures claims are submitted accurately and approved quickly, so you can give care and get paid faster.

5x faster decisions on Insurance Claims

Insurance Review

Overjet gives insurers an objective guide to efficiently review claims, so payers and providers are on the same page.

90% Reduction in Administrative Work

Better Care

This is the new standard for dental care — which lets everyone focus on providing the best possible outcomes to patients.

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Our success stories

I love Overjet, the impact it has had on my practice, and the ability to treat my patients at the highest level of care. If you’re a dentist and not using Overjet, get it. Just go get it now.

Dr. Rebekah Browder

Westport Family Dental

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. This has blown people away. I’ve had countless patients thank me for investing in this technology to help keep them healthy.

Dr. Brandon Ryff

Scottsdale Smile Center

We all hear about AI every day. When patients see that we’re using AI, they’re very impressed. They know our practice is at the cutting edge of dentistry.

Dr. Keith Baines

Baines Family Dental

This AI system will provide our doctors with an advantage like no other.

Dr. Mariz Tanious

Affinity Dental Management

This improves dental care. It shows you where to look. It gives you more information to help you diagnose. We’re treating patients better because we’re catching problems earlier.

Dr. Joshua Prentice

Prentice Dental

I’ve examined hundreds of patients using Overjet. Not one single patient has said no to my recommendations, once I brought AI into the conversation.

Dr. David Kaffey

Leading Dental Solutions

Overjet is like dentistry on steroids. It helps us detect missed diagnoses, follow higher standards for quality care, and also make sure our providers are giving excellent care.

Dr. Ankoo Raina

Chief Dental Officer

Jefferson Dental

What really excites me is Overjet’s ability to create a common language between providers and payers, so our business can move much faster. We’ve seen our average reimbursement period drop dramatically.

Dr. Mark Sivers

Chief Clinical Officer

Aligned Dental Partners

Overjet is a state-of-the-art tool that can only help the dental community be more comprehensive and efficient in treating the needs of patients. A true game-changer.

Dr. Robert Friedman

Dental Director

Dental Care Alliance


We’re Revolutionizing the Dental Landscape


Our Vision

We’re on a mission to improve oral health for all — by creating a future that is clinically precise, efficient, and patient-centric. Overjet aligns the objectives of dentists and insurers to ensure a positive outcome for everyone, especially patients.

It’s a win-win-win.

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