News, Providers24 May, 2022

Overjet Partners with Great Lakes Dental Partners to Improve Clinical and Operational Outcomes

Overjet Partners with Great Lakes Dental Partners to Improve Clinical and Operational Outcomes

News, Providers24 May, 2022

Boston, Mass. & Chicago, IL — Overjet, a leader in dental artificial intelligence solutions for providers and payers, today announced a partnership with Great Lakes Dental Partners, the Midwest’s Premier Dental Support Organization.

“We chose to partner with Overjet because they share our commitment to clinical excellence."

Dr. Charles Zasso, Chief Clinical Officer at Great Lakes Dental Partners

“Overjet supports our providers in achieving more consistent and improved patient outcomes while improving patient understanding and communication. Overjet has an unmatched reputation in pioneering dental innovations that advance patient care, and we are pleased to partner with them.”

“GLDP’s affiliations are well-known in the Midwest for providing exceptional dental care, and GLDP has a great reputation for providing best-in-class support in operations, recruiting, technology, and marketing to its affiliations,” said Chris Thompson, VP of Sales at Overjet. “We are thrilled to partner with Great Lakes Dental Partners as their preferred dental AI platform to enable exceptional patient care.”

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About Great Lakes Dental Partners

Great Lakes Dental Partners is a dental support organization (DSO) committed to offering dentists and dental specialists the opportunity to focus on the clinical aspects of dentistry, providing exceptional care for every patient. With a centrally located support center, operational best practices, access to the latest dental technology, and a best-in-class continuing education program, GLDP is dedicated to advancing dental healthcare in the Midwest. For more information and a list of clinic locations, visit

About Overjet

Overjet is the global leader in dental artificial intelligence, helping both payers and providers improve patient care. By combining deep expertise in dentistry and advanced engineering, Overjet develops accurate and quantified ways to detect pathologies, and integrates actionable insights into systems and workflows to operationalize a feedback loop between payers, providers, and patients. The company was founded by experts from the MIT and Harvard School of Dental Medicine and has assembled the largest and most seasoned team of technologists and domain experts with deep AI, dental, and insurance experience. Every day, some of the largest DSOs and insurance companies rely on accurate information provided by Overjet to deliver care and service to patients. Learn more at