Providers9 September, 2022



Providers9 September, 2022

Starting the day with a team meeting is a great way to get everyone aligned. And by adding dental AI, you can now make your morning huddle even more effective.

Overjet’s Daily Patients Page automatically reviews 18 months of radiographs for every patient with adult dentition in your database, and cross-references with the practice management system to identify patients who may have pathologies that have not been treatment planned, such as decay and periodontal disease. It lists the tooth or teeth that may require a closer look, so it’s easy for the team to identify potential same-day treatment opportunities and schedule accordingly.

The Daily Patients Page also identifies patients who may be due for radiographs or perio charting, and patients who may have periodontal coding errors on their insurance claims. By automating these findings, it saves the team time and helps them prepare for the day.

But there’s even more you can do to optimize your morning huddles…

Bonus Tips for the Perfect Morning Huddle

Just like in sports where the coach gets the team together to go through the game plan, the dental practice should have a quick meeting to kick off the day.

Here are some ways to make the morning huddle effective for your dental practice:

  • Start at a designated time, follow a format, and end within 15 minutes. 

  • Share a success story from the day before, including any positive Google reviews.

  • Review key numbers for the day, week, and month to date.

  • Identify patients that need X-rays as per treatment guidelines.

  • Review patient charts to identify incomplete treatment plans and opportunities to complete same-day treatment. 

  • Identify any potential issues, such as running low on supplies or lab cases that have not come in. 

  • End by identifying at least one patient whose quality of life will be better by the end of the day because of the skills and services your team provides.

The morning huddle is the perfect time to boost morale, celebrate the difference you’re making in your patients’ lives, and ensure that everyone is aligned on the daily, weekly, and monthly business goals — so you can continue to serve your community.