News, Providers22 November, 2022

Platinum Dental Services Partners with Overjet AI to Elevate Patient Care and Clinical Alignment

Platinum Dental Services Partners with Overjet AI to Elevate Patient Care and Clinical Alignment

News, Providers22 November, 2022

BOSTON, MA — Platinum Dental Services announced today it’s partnering with Overjet, the industry leader in dental artificial intelligence, to provide AI-powered X-ray analysis and clinical insights to all 24 of its practices.

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. Overjet’s FDA-cleared AI technology outlines and highlights decay directly on X-rays, making it easy to see. It also quantifies bone level measurements, which helps dentists diagnose periodontal (gum) disease. If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss.

“Our goal is to elevate patient care by ensuring our affiliated practices have the best technology in the industry. Overjet’s AI gives dentists a powerful diagnostic tool to use in their clinical decision-making and enables more collaborative treatment planning between specialists and general dentists. It also helps fill a pervasive gap of mentoring for younger doctors. That‘s impactful support,” said Vince Dilley, the founder and CEO of Platinum Dental Services.

Unlike human eyes, computer vision never gets tired and will provide the same objective results consistently. That gives dentists more information to create their diagnosis and treatment plan and helps create an evidence-based standard of care. 

“Platinum Dental’s mission is to provide unparalleled patient care and we’re pleased to support them with AI that can help their team with clinical accuracy and compelling case presentation,” said Dr. Terri Dolan, the Chief Dental Officer at Overjet.

“When patients see the AI analysis with decay and bone loss marked in red, they can better understand why their doctor is recommending treatment.” 

Overjet also increases operational efficiency by reviewing 18 months of radiographs from prior visits and identifying potential treatment needs. It also can alert providers if X-rays or periodontal charting may be due. The clinical insights help providers plan their day and prepare for each patient more effectively.

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Platinum Dental Services is a dental support organization that empowers its affiliated dentists to focus on clinical excellence while the DSO provides administrative support from billing and staffing to IT support and marketing. The dental group has 24 affiliated locations in Utah and Colorado. For more information, visit

About Overjet

Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard School of Dentistry, Overjet develops accurate and quantified ways to detect pathologies and integrates actionable insights into workflows. Every day, private practices, dental groups, and insurance companies rely on the accurate information provided by Overjet to drive care and service to patients. Learn more at