Providers27 April, 2022



Providers27 April, 2022

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” 

That insight from renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow, lends perspective (in principle) to how AI (artificial intelligence) technology improves the dental patient experience.

Technology tends to be the “hammer” of sorts. It drives innovation across every industry – including dentistry.

Even so, technology is by no means the “ONLY” tool in your “belt.” Although when combined with clinical expertise and patient relationships across your organization it’s an undeniable tool for improving clinical outcomes.

AI as a technology benchmark

The benefits of AI technology for the dental patient experience are on a steady increase.

  • Diagnostic and examination support

  • Treatment planning and treatment acceptance

  • Team training and communication

  • Automation across workflows and operational systems

  • Insurance claims verification

AI stands alongside your DSOs clinical standards. It helps streamline the process of interpreting clinical data, minimizing associated risks, and guiding treatment accuracy.

Overall, your patient’s journey reaches its destination where treatment and the patient experience merge. And AI technology is an emerging point of contact.

AI-equipped dental organizations have the potential to establish new benchmarks for patient engagement, diagnostic accuracy, and treatment outcomes.

What you can expect from an AI supported patient experience

This perspective borrows somewhat from an “imagine a world (or dental practice) where…” common strategies and care standards are upgraded.

AI-equipped dental organizations have the potential to establish new benchmarks for patient engagement, diagnostic accuracy, and treatment outcomes.

Enhanced patient engagement

Dental marketing requires a blend of creativity and audience intuition. Attempts to read-the-minds or walk-in-the-shoes of your audience are challenging in the least.

AI has the capacity to enhance your dental marketing strategies. Think automated and consistent message and platform analysis to determine best ROI.

Patient communication requires an equal amount of intuitive strategy from your front-office teams. Multi-tasking team members can often miss an engagement opportunity.

AI can scan incoming patient calls and online form inquiries. Feedback can help your organization refine team-patient communication strategies.

  • Call and inquiry analysis

  • Call and inquiry value assessment

  • Call and inquiry conversion

Enhanced patient appointments

Post-call/contact analysis provided by AI allows you to be better prepared for patient appointments. Patient records can be scanned for accuracy to help assure that clinical data is complete and current.

AI equips front-desk and clinical team members with patient interactions. They can enter conversations with thorough information about a patient’s preliminary dental health concerns and/or treatment perceptions.

Of course, these assumptions can be made by team members prior to a patient visit. But the added support provided by AI allows team members to frame their patient conversations with the care and concern a patient needs or desires.

  • Improved patient trust

  • Better patient relationships

  • More aligned treatment decisions

Enhanced patient exams, diagnosis, and case acceptance

Certain dental issues can be missed or create red-flags on insurance claims. AI adds an additional layer of examination and diagnostic support.

  • Radiographs can be scanned for any hidden issues

  • Treatments such as periodontal and restorative can be validated and documented for insurance verification

Patient trust is key to case acceptance. AI supported communication around clinical diagnoses can help secure a patient’s trust for moving forward with treatment.

Enhanced billing and insurance communication

The patient experience involves perceived confidence. Your organization’s billing and insurance related knowledge is a key to maintaining patient confidence throughout their treatment journey.

  • AI supports financial and insurance related talking-points between treatment coordinators and patients

  • AI helps drive accuracy for insurance claims review leading to on-time payments

Technology is indeed a vital tool (much like a “hammer”) for building a memorable and long-term patient experience. AI supports most if not all aspects of the individual patient relationships throughout your DSO.