Providers29 June, 2022



Providers29 June, 2022

AI-powered radiograph analysis is revolutionizing the dental industry, delivering real-time actionable insights to drive growth.

After decades of asking patients to look at black-and-white X-rays, dentists are turning to artificial intelligence technology that clearly documents what is happening inside the mouth. Many of the largest DSOs are partnering with Overjet, the world’s only FDA-cleared AI technology that detects, outlines, and quantifies oral disease.

Here is how several large DSOs are using artificial intelligence to:

  • enhance patient care

  • advance the practice of dentistry

  • support clinical excellence

  • increase patients’ knowledge and understanding

Enhancing Patient Care

Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics (JDO) is one of the fastest-growing DSOs in the United States. The organization provides trusted oral health care for thousands of patients throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and they are committed to providing best-in-class care to each one of their patients.

JDO decided to partner with Overjet to better streamline their diagnostic workflows, enhance communication with patients and improve patient outcomes. However, the deciding factor in partnering with Overjet was their shared commitment to exceptional patient care.

“Overjet has an unmatched reputation in pioneering dental innovations that advance patient care. We are thrilled to partner with Overjet to bring yet another cutting-edge technology to JDO.”

Adam Arnette, Chief Marketing Officer, JDO

As part of their best-in-class care commitment, JDO makes it a priority to provide patients with efficient and effective treatment plans. In return, these treatment plans allow JDO to grow lasting, trusting relationships with their patients. Overjet gives JDO the insights they need to build strong treatment plans to enhance their quality of patient care — all while helping build a strong business.

“Our partnership with Overjet allows us to deliver the finest treatment plans in the world, removing doubt about what each patient needs to reach optimal oral health.”

Mick McCormick, CEO, JDO

Partnering with Overjet gave JDO unparalleled access to grow and improve their approach to dentistry. With Overjet, JDO can grow their business while enhancing their quality of patient care to continue giving their patients the quality of care they deserve.

Advancing the Practice of Dentistry

Dental Care Alliance (DCA) is one of the largest DSOs in the United States, supporting more than 370 affiliate dental practices — and more than 775 dentists — across 21 states. They are also the newest dental group to partner with Overjet. The organization’s mission is to advance the practice of dentistry. DCA chose to partner with Overjet to build on their shared commitment of first-rate clinical care and to assist in forwarding DCA’s mission by:

  • Streamlining the diagnostic workflow

  • Boosting operational efficiencies

  • Creating better avenues for doctor-patient communication

  • Improving overall patient outcomes with technology

The expanded partnership rollout is part of a larger initial pilot program between the organizations to advance the practice of dentistry together.

“We expect Overjet’s dental AI platform to improve the experience for our clinical teams and patients, as well as serve as a training aid in DCA’s mentoring program for recent graduates.”

Dr. Don Gallo, Chief Clinical Officer, Dental Care Alliance

Overjet is the only FDA-cleared dental AI software for both the quantification of bone loss and the detection and outlining of caries — so DSOs know they can trust the solution. The partnership between DCA and Overjet combines the best of dental AI with one of the largest and most diverse DSOs in the country. This powerful duo not only enhances patient outcomes but also advances the practice of dentistry.

Supporting Clinical Excellence

Great Lakes Dental Partners (GLDP) is the Midwest’s premier DSO. They are committed to giving dentists and dental specialists the opportunity to focus on the more clinical aspects of dentistry to provide top-notch patient care.

“We chose to partner with Overjet because they share our commitment to clinical excellence. Overjet supports our providers in achieving more consistent and improved patient outcomes."

Dr. Charles Zasso, Chief Clinical Officer, Great Lakes Dental Partners

For example, Overjet connects with the imaging system and the practice management systems to simultaneously identify pathologies and cross-check whether there is a treatment plan in near real time. This allows dentists to provide more accurate and informative treatment explanations for patients, like tooth decay outlined in orange in an image of a patient’s mouth after an exam. Overjet’s precision and insight makes it easier for the dentists to explain oral health clearly, accurately and objectively to patients, and for patients to understand and consider next steps.

According to Chris Thompson, vice president of sales at Overjet, GLDP is well-known in the Midwest for providing exceptional dental care. Furthermore, the organization has a reputation for providing support in operations, recruiting, technology and marketing to its affiliations. Overjet is a dynamic partner for GLDP to further their clinical excellence and enable exceptional patient care.

“Overjet has an unmatched reputation in pioneering dental innovations that advance patient care, and we are pleased to partner with them,” added Dr. Zasso.

Giving Patients Knowledge

Both DSOs and private practice dentists strive to help their patients understand their own oral health conditions, which helps guide patients to the best possible outcome.

For example, tooth decay and gum disease are two of the most common oral health issues for Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, tooth decay is largely preventable — Americans are just generally uninformed about what’s going on in their mouths.

Using Overjet helps clinicians give a true understanding of their dental care to patients so they can advocate for themselves. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Overjet’s ability to detect and outline cavities and to quantify bone level measurements transforms traditional x-rays into a powerful patient education tool. 

Together with Overjet, clinicians are improving oral health by creating a clinically precise, efficient and patient-centric future. With dental AI, innovative solutions make it possible to teach patients about their oral health in more ways than one.

Looking Ahead

Overjet helps DSOs meet their goals, whether that goal is enhancing patient care, advancing the practice of dentistry, supporting clinical excellence, giving patients knowledge or growing revenue and business. By combining deep expertise in dentistry and advanced engineering, Overjet develops accurate and quantified ways to improve dental care and integrates actionable insights into systems and workflows so payers, providers and patients alike benefit.

Every day, some of the largest DSOs rely on accurate information provided by Overjet to deliver care and service to patients — and a partnership with Overjet is just the thing to help them grow their business while enhancing patient care.