News7 May, 2024



News7 May, 2024

Overjet added major enhancements to its Insurance Intelligence Platform, including an AI-powered marketplace for dental insurance services.

BOSTON, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Overjet, the world-leader in dental AI, today introduced the next evolution of its Insurance Intelligence Platform. The AI-powered platform now streamlines clinical workflows from end to end — so dental insurers can operate more efficiently while providing exceptional care to their members. With Overjet, insurers can approve claims an average of five times faster.

 Over the last few years, Overjet transformed this process, called utilization review, by using artificial intelligence to automatically approve claims that meet insurers’ guidelines. It also equipped their teams with advanced AI tools — such as image enhancement and precise annotations — to better analyze patients’ X-rays. Now, the Insurance Intelligence Platform can accelerate decisions on all claims, including those that require dental consultants to review. This allows insurers to lower their administrative costs, reimburse dentists faster, and above all, help patients get the care they need.

Specifically, the platform features two groundbreaking enhancements:

  • Overjet Connect. Even with AI technology, insurers still rely on human experts across many workflows, from clinical review to member support. Overjet Connect is an AI-powered marketplace that speeds up these workflows. It connects insurers with a URAC-accredited network of licensed professionals, such as dental consultants who can review complex cases. And importantly, this network gives insurers coverage across all US states, with the appropriate licenses for utilization review.

  • New AI capabilities. The Insurance Intelligence Platform now lets insurers improve the consistency of their clinical reviews for osseous surgery, bridges, implants, and endodontic procedures, thanks to innovations in machine learning. They are among the more than 350 CDT codes that Overjet reviews automatically.

“Our goal is to give insurers the ultimate force multiplier — so they can improve the experience for members and providers,” said Overjet CEO Wardah Inam. “With AI, insurers can enhance both their speed and their consistency to deliver fantastic coverage. Our platform handles thousands of day-to-day tasks, like approving claims and finding the right resources, so people can focus on skillful work.”

Overjet’s customers include the majority of the ten largest US dental insurers, and collectively cover more than 120 million people. The platform handles 90% of administrative work for these insurers, freeing them up to focus on helping their members thrive.

About Overjet

Overjet is the world-leader in dental AI. Our Insurance Intelligence Platform has revolutionized utilization review — enabling insurers to handle dental claims faster than ever before. The platform automatically reviews and approves claims for hundreds of procedure codes, resulting in 90% less administrative work. Today, our AI supports many of the largest US insurers, which collectively support more than 120 million members. To deliver the ultimate experience to your members, visit:

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